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Great was to maintain your tresses during times you can't get to your salon.

I know most of use like to go to the salon and let a professional shampoo, condition and style our hair. What do you do or use when you can't get to your favorite stylist. I highly recommend asking your stylist her favorite products. She/he knows your hair and would most likely recommend products based on your

texture and condition. They will make suggestions according to whether your hair is color treated,relaxed or natural. All these things should be taken into consideration when you choose the products to use on your hair. For example, if you have a relaxer and you have color, I would suggest you use a color treated moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This type of shampoo has lots of moisturizing agents such as oils and creams. These ingredients penetrates into the hair shaft to quiche the thirst your hair will have due to hair color and relaxers drying the hair out. Once you have found the right shampoo and conditioner you would then focus on styling products. What are styling products? Styling products are products that assist with holding and maintaining the style you want to achieve. If you have short hair you would purchase a cream press to give shine and hold when you curl your hair. If you have natural hair you would want to see your curls more define and bouncy. I recommend you purchase some soft holding gel or lotion that is wet in consistency and doesn't have alcohol in the ingredients. Alcohol dries the hair and with natural hair as it dries you still want to see shine and softness with lots of manageability. When styling your hair determine if you would be choosing a wet set which includes some type of roller, a sleek style or a style with body using a flat iron or a curly style using a curling iron. I suggest to use a nice holding setting lotion or mouse to set the hair prior to styling to help the style last longer. When styling your hair take your time. make small section when flat ironing or curling your hair and use finishing products such as a holding spray or spritz for a more firmer hold. Always wrap your hair at night to trap in moisture and use a small size of moisturizer before bed. I always say if you love on your hair it will love you back.

Her are some of my recommended hair care products you can purchase online.

By Starsha Gaines, Beauty Expert/ Salon Owner

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