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How to feel and be your best everyday.

There is no better way to feel than feeling your best. When you feel your best, it makes your day go great! It is best to have an early start to set the tone and flow of your day. If you start it off rushing or slow poking around, it will show in your day. I personally start my mornings with a good bath or shower, using a rejuvenating bath wash and making sure I moisture really good afterwards. A hot cup of tea or coffee and relaxing in a quiet room. During this time, focus on gathering your thoughts and meditate on how you want to present your day. Ask God for guidance, instructions and sit in silence to listen. This helps to set your daily energy and that energy will attract the same energy you put out in to the world. After your moment in silence, indulge in a refreshing breakfast such as a smoothie, fruit, eggs or a bowl of cereal and fresh juice. Now that you have your mental and physical feeding, it's time to get #cute.

Get ready to strut your runway of life and present your self in a way people will look up to you.Whether you are headed out or staying home this prepares your day. I call it setting your day tone. It definitely has an effect on how people treat you and how you treat others. I start with a basic cleaning and makeup routine. The outcome really depends on your day plan, but a basic routine is an all day look and it works day or night. After your facial cleaning, using Mirabella's Moisturizing facial cleanse, and Mirabella's Skin Toner, apply a light moisturizer to make sure your skin stays hydrated under your makeup. Mirabella's Renew Age Defying Daily Moisturizer, is light and leaves your skin soft. Apply concealer on any areas of your face that have blemishes. I recommend Mirabella's Twice as pretty concealer. It has plenty of moisturizing agents and matches every complexion perfectly. We all know having pretty detailed eyebrows is a plus and its the first area people look at when they see your face. I suggest using a mascara first to brush the brow and to start your natural shaping. Then use your brow pencil to lightly fill in your brow. When shaping your brow start at the the beginning of your eye and end it at the end of your brow bone. Apply mascara to your lashes for darker fuller lashes or for a day out add a pair of lashes like Mirabella's Mink Effect Lashes. This lash kit includes a magic marker liner to give your eye a more dramatic look. Apply a small amount of liner for day and a deeper line for night. Eye shadow adds color to your face a natural color eye shadow that has colors such as champagne, gold, peach, rose or plum to wear with any outfit you choose for the day. Apply a shiny gloss or lip color moisturizer and get ready for hair.

I like to do my hair after the makeup to give a little direction on how I want to style my hair. I am a hair stylist and hair is a very important step to me. I am a advocate of healthy beauty hair and I say when you love on your hair, it will love you back. Start by always applying a daily moisturizer , this step is key to your morning hair routine. It determines your final look and how manageable your hair will be throughout the day. Comb and/or brush your hair, if straightening or curling use medium heat. If you want to know more about trying different styles at home check back for more posts.

I truly know when we feel great a huge part of it is how we start our day, how we take the time to prepare ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world. I believe we are all lights and when our light is shining bright, we ignite someone else's light. The confident and positive energy comes from how we start our day, use these practices in your daily morning routine. Try some of the recommended beauty products I listed above. Shop StarStylez Boutique for fashion to help you strut your runway of life and enjoy 30% off with the code: Springtime. Until I post again , Have a great week and share this post. Sharing is caring!

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